Hike Barbara Falls in Eagle River

hike barbara falls

Barbara Falls is the easy waterfall hike that you’re looking for. This hidden gem is tucked away in Eagle River, Alaska. It’s one of the best hikes in Eagle River.

This easy trail has an upper and lower viewpoint that makes for a great adventure with the kiddos or pups. If you hike Barbara Falls in the winter, you can expect a frozen waterfall.

In this post, I’m going to share how to hike Barbara Falls in Eagle River. You can also watch my YouTube video below to get a better idea of what to expect.

Hike Barbara Falls in Eagle River

Trail Summary

Distance: 1 mile
Time: 1 hour
Elevation Gain: 101 feet
Difficulty: Very Easy

How to get to Barbara Falls:

  1. From Anchorage, head North on the Glenn Highway
  2. Exit the highway at E Eagle River Loop Rd.
  3. Take the first right at Hiland Rd.
  4. Turn left at River View Dr.
  5. Turn left at Waterfall Dr.
  6. Turn right on River Park Dr.
  7. Turn left on Ken Logan Cir.

Please be respectful of the private property and do not park in front of the NO PARKING signs. There is space to park up the road. The trail starts behind the metal gate.

Barbara Falls Upper Viewpoint
Upper Viewpoint
Barbara Falls Lower Viewpoint
Lower Viewpoint

Barbara Falls Upper Viewpoint

Barbara Falls Trail starts just behind the metal gate at the end with signs that read “Do Not Block Gate” and “Private Property.” The owner has allowed people to pass through to visit the waterfall. Please be respectful of the property.

Once you pass through the gate, you’ll follow the trail and cross over a wooden bridge. Continue straight until you see a sign that says Barbara Falls with an arrow pointing right.

Follow the trail to the right and you will come to the upper viewpoint. The upper view is great, but it definitely doesn’t compare to the lower viewpoint.

You may notice a trail to the left of the upper viewpoint that appears to lead down to the lower viewpoint. This trail is very steep and is not the way to get down to the lower viewpoint.

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Barbara Falls Lower Viewpoint

The trail to the lower viewpoint at Barbara Falls comes unexpectedly. Before passing the first wooden bridge over the creek, you’ll find a trail just off to the right. The trail continues to follow the creek.

You’ll use a hand rope to cross a small section before walking through some trees. Continue on this trail and you’ll make it to the lower viewpoint in no time. If the creek is frozen, you can cross over to the left side.

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Visit Alaska and Hike Barbara Falls in Eagle River
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