About Andrea Kuuipo

Hi! I’m Andrea Kuuipo.

In 2016, I quit my job.

Better yet? I embarked on my first solo backpacking journey!

This site was created as the result of that. It was originally intended to help make travel easier for others but with only a mobile phone on hand and lack of Wi-Fi in some of the areas I traveled to in South America, it all came to a stop. I gave up.

Let’s face it.. I was too busy enjoying the travel life: drinking caipis, enjoying asados and living my best siesta fiesta life!

But now, I’m back in Anchorage, Alaska.

I’m working an 8-to-5 marketing job (with a much better work/life balance).

And after a constant struggle of analysis paralysis, it’s time to “Just Do It.”

But, I’m doing it a little differently this time. I’ve learned a lot about traveling and I want to keep sharing everything I’ve learned with you.

I’ve also learned a lot about living a life outdoors. I hike. I bike. I camp. I’m an amateur climber.

Call me a jill-of-all-trades!

So, I’m going to use this blog to share tips and tricks that will help you live your best life! I’m thinking women’s gear reviews, best hiking trails, useful apps and tech, packing lists, flight deals, and more.

If you love it, tell me. And if you hate it, tell me what you’d rather be reading. Enjoy!

Want to know more about my travel life? Keep on reading.

I was born in Alaska and raised between Alaska and Hawaii. Growing up in Alaska, any travel out of state was expensive and far away. It wasn’t until I was out of high school that I took my first trip out of state with my family. A single trip to New York fueled my wanderlust.

From that day on, I made travel a priority.

I experienced traveling with a friend and went to my first music festival with my sister.

I was a full-time student and worked 30+ hours a week. Working a standard American job meant that vacation time was limited and blackout dates existed.

Since travel was a priority and my family always chose to travel during Christmas and New Years (blackout dates), I usually always requested time off with flights already booked and plans to quit if it didn’t get approved.

Fortunately, I was always able to go.

Backpacking was always just an idea that floated around in my mind and Brazil was always the place that intrigued me the most.

It could’ve been from seeing 78-year-old Carl take his house on balloons to Paradise Falls in Up, watching Dominic Toretto and his crew race cars through the streets of Rio de Janeiro in Fast Five or colorful macaws spread their wings in a tropical paradise in Rio.

But as a young female without much experience traveling abroad and influences from my parents and the media, I was too scared to go by myself.

Since I couldn’t convince anyone to go with me, I let time pass and planned a 3-week backpacking trip to Europe with my best friend in 2014, a year after I graduated from college.

During that trip I learned a lot.

I got lost almost every day. I experienced couchsurfing. I got bed bugs. I learned how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

And the best thing was meeting so many incredible people from all around the world.

Later that year, the Google allowed me to stumble upon volunteer opportunities at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. I applied immediately and promised myself that I would go to Brazil no matter where I was in life.

Fast forward another year and I was sitting in a hostel in Curitiba, Brazil. Arriving the morning after an overnight bus ride from Foz do Iguaçu. I spent over one month in Rio de Janeiro and worked as an Event Services Team Member during the Olympics!

Guys, I made it.

I kept that promise to myself. I drank less vodka pineapple, paid off my student loans, saved some money and quit my 8-to-5 marketing job.

I spent nine months in South America and the one thing that helped me the most was the information and advice I got from fellow travelers.

During my travels, I booked a bus to Campo Grande, a jumping-off point to visiting the less traveled Brazilian Pantanal. After trying to research which tours were the best, I found myself frustrated with the lack of information online and ended up canceling my bus reservation.

I’ve created this site to help make these adventures easier for people like you. I hope by sharing my experiences, you’ll turn your wanderlust dreams into reality.


Andrea Kuuipo

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Bethanny Sudibyo

Hey girl! I’m looking for new travel bloggers to be friends with. I just made my new website on August as well. Hope to be in touch with you! Followed you blog btw, hope you can check out mine 🙂