Interior Alaska
100 Hikes Challenge

The Interior Alaska 100 Hikes Challenge was created to encourage hikers to explore new trails and areas within Interior Alaska.

The list of 100 hikes includes trails with varying difficulty levels and lengths. Some of these trails may be familiar favorites and others you may not have even heard of.

All of the hikes are located in the Interior region of Alaska, including areas like Denali State Park, Denali National Park, Denali Highway, Fairbanks, Delta Junction, White Mountains, and more!

This challenge doesn’t need to be completed within a certain amount of time. You can cross these hikes off at your own leisurely pace.

Track your progress with the Interior Alaska 100 Hikes Challenge Logbook and share your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #interioralaska100hikeschallenge!


Interior Alaska Hikes 1-50 Map

Interior Alaska Hikes 51-100 Map

Visit to identify whose land you live, work, and play on.


The Interior Alaska 100 Hikes Challenge Logbook Journal includes a checklist of 100 hikes around Interior Alaska that you can check off as you complete them.

Each hike has its own prompts and information to help you document your adventure, a section for notes, and plenty of room to write or draw a picture.

You can record the date, weather, location, elevation gain/loss, time, distance, conditions, difficulty level, wildlife sightings, and other trail features!

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interior alaska 100 hikes logbook
interior alaska hikes


Is it available anywhere in Fairbanks?

Yes, you can find it at REI Fairbanks and The Roaming Root Cellar. If it’s not in stock, you can purchase it online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Is it for kids?

I’ve included plenty of family-friendly hikes, but there are many trails that may not be suitable for kids. However, since this challenge doesn’t need to be completed within a certain amount of time, kids can log their hikes now and check off more difficult trails as they get older.

Is there one for the Southcentral or Southeast regions?

Yes, learn more about the Southcentral Alaska 100 Hikes Challenge here. I plan on creating a logbook for Southeast Alaska next!

How can I find more information on the hikes in this logbook?

You can use the search bar on this website to check if I have already written a trail guide for the hike you are interested in. Not all of the trails have been covered yet so I recommend using apps like AllTrails and Outer Spatial to find more trail info.