100 Reasons Why I Love Alaska as a Born and Raised Alaskan

There’s more than 100 different reasons why I LOVE Alaska. Whether it’s the reasons that excite me, the reasons that humble me, or the reasons that make me realize how lucky I am to call this place home.

Since this is my 100th blog post, which blows my mind because I started writing consistently early last year, I wanted to celebrate this huge milestone. I thought it would be fun to share why I love living the Alaska life.

In this post, I’m going to share 100 reasons why I love Alaska.

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  1. 100 Reasons Why I Love Alaska

100 Reasons Why I Love Alaska

1. The midnight sun

2. Alaskan Natives still live here and 1 in 5 Alaskans are native

3. There’s more than 20 distinct indigenous languages

4. Alaskan Native culture is being preserved through projects like Alaska Native Place Names Project

5. Home to the tallest mountain in North America and we often use it to guide us

6. Unbelievably stunning colored glacial lakes and rivers

7. Abundance of breweries

8. Roadside coffee huts that are very unique to Alaska

9. A huge community of outdoorsy people

10. The fact that I’ll never being able to see the entire state in my lifetime because it’s so big

Reasons why I love Alaska - Wrangell St Elias Largest National Park in US

11. Tons of accessible hiking trails

12. Resources to maintain our hiking trails

13. People still go outside to play in negative winter temps either for fun or to stay sane

14. Not many people live here

15. We support the local art community during events like First Friday

16. Foraging for wild mushrooms, cooking them and eating them

17. Baking scones made with freshly picked blueberries

18. Moose wander the city streets and it’s no big deal

19. Drinking clean and refreshing water straight off a glacier

20. Taking deep breaths through my nose because the air is so clean

Hike Rabbit Lake Anchorage Alaska

21. We support local businesses

22. Finishing a full day of work and still have enough daylight to go for a hike

23. Buying locally grown vegetables from local farmers markets

24. Being so close to the mountains and the sea

25. Many restaurants incorporate local ingredients

26. Our forests are vast and green

27. Seeing the mountains outside of my window

28. Being able to recreate outside year-round

29. Large fields of fireweed bloom in the fall

30. The understanding that when fireweed blooms it means winter is coming

Swan Lake Canoe Route

31. We have 8 national parks, including the largest National Park in the US

32. Sitting lakeside and hearing loons cry in the distance

33. We’ve all seismologists now and can tell you the magnitude of any recent earthquake

34. Seeing other peoples expressions when I tell them I’m from Alaska

35. Flying in and out of Alaska and seeing the majestic mountainous landscape below

36. The combo of fall foliage and the top of the mountains getting dusted with fresh snow

37. Winter gives access to places that are not as accessible during summer

38. Summer is a vibe and everyone takes advantage of summer days

39. Our fall season is beautiful even though it usually doesn’t last long

40. We cheer people on to ski across an open pool of water

Hike Root Glacier Trail Alaska

41. The mountains are just a short drive away

42. Alaskans are resilient and TOUGH

43. Our streets are clean and taken care of (minus the potholes)

44. The food scene is so diverse and so delicious

45. Laying on the ground in a sleeping bag at Hatcher Pass to watch a meteor shower

46. Waking up to sunrise on the top of a mountain

47. Spontaneously chasing the sunset and driving to Point Woronzof

48. Double rainbows are plentiful!

49. Feeling the rush of air from the huge planes flying overhead into the airport

50. Alaskans are proud to be from Alaska

why i love alaska is the scenery and landscapes

51. Wildlife is big, wild, and abundant

52. Fishing for salmon on the river

53. Being able to cut down your own Christmas tree

54. Seeing the Northern Lights dance in the sky

55. Temperatures are perfect during the summer months

56. Fireweed honey ice cream exists

57. Eating pizza from Moose’s Tooth

58. Growing up spending weekends at the lake cabin

59. Locals have an infectious stoke level for adventure

60. We usually only need to worry about bears and mosquitoes on adventures

Upper Russian Lake Cabin Public Use Cabin in Alaska

61. Camping on a tiny island that I kayaked to at 11:00 p.m on a summer night

62. Many places can only be accessed by plane

63. It’s so easy to find solitude

64. Communities always step up to and come together during challenging times

65. Waking up to a winter wonderland

66. Public use cabins can be used to take comfort in

67. The meaning behind the scent of campfire lingering in my hair days later

68. Riding a bike through the snow is so normal

69. Every small town is unique to experience

70. Dancing in the street listening to my favorite local bands

reasons to love alaska is the fall foliage

71. Meeting up to camp with my friends late at night

72. We can ski at a resort or in the backcountry

73. Places to pitch a tent are endless

74. There’s so many activities you can get into

75. Alaskan King Crab, King Salmon, oysters…. seafood is big and tasty

76. Sitting on a canoe on a lake and seeing a moose and calves come over for a drink

77. We greet each other on the trail and most of the time we’re constantly saying “Heyooo!”

78. Watching a humpback whale breach right in front of you

79. Road trips are incredibly scenic

80. Exploring the inside of an ice cave

Best day hikes in Anchorage Alaska Little O'Malley Peak Summit

81. Walking with brown bears in Katmai National Park

82. World class ice climbing

83. Watching snow fall cozied up by the fireplace

84. Winter is still a good time to be obsessed with ice cream

85. We’re really good at sharing this place with others

86. A 300-foot wide star can be spotted on the side of a mountain during the holidays

87. We have over 100,000 glaciers

88. Our coastline is stunning and we have lots of it

89. We joke that the mosquito is the state bird and we all equally hate them

90. Type II fun adventures happen frequently but we continue to have them

watching brown bears in Katmai National Oark

91. Making fireweed jelly for the first time with a recipe that was shared in the community

92. Realizing the sounds of a bear is actually just a porcupine and sighing with relief

93. We know how to be prepared for all conditions

94. We embrace frozen eyelashes

95. Standing on a bridge and feeling the train rush by you in Talkeetna

96. It’s hard to take a bad picture here

97. We get nearly 24 hours of daylight

98. Downtown Anchorage is covered in beautiful murals

99. The views never get old

100. Many things that happen can be said, “only in Alaska!”

I love alaska fireweed blooming

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100 Reasons why I love Alaska and calling the 49th state aka the Last Frontier my home. I love the alaska life and having outdoor adventures in The Great Outdoors. It's truly hard to beat exploring Alaska during the summer and winter months there are so many different activities you can do and the people are amazing. #alaska #alaskalife #travelalaska #alaskablog

Why do you love Alaska? Let me know in the comments.

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