10 Luxury Car Camping Items I Won’t Leave Home Without

So, you’re planning a car camping trip and don’t want to leave behind the luxuries? If you want to know what to add to your car camping packing list, I’ve compiled a list of 10 luxury car camping items to pack, including essentials and accessories.

Luxury car camping, often referred to as glamping, is all about comfort! Your goal is to feel as if you never left home.

So, here’s some of the luxury car camping items I won’t leave home without.

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5 Tips For Car Camping

  1. Pack for comfort. Since you don’t have to worry about weight or space, you might as well go all out!
  2. Bring lots of water. Some campsites don’t have great water sources. For convenience, carry all the water you think you’ll need for your camping trip.
  3. Keep food in the car. Storing food correctly will keep any wildlife out of camp.
  4. Clean up as you go. To avoid becoming overwhelmed by a messy campsite.
  5. Stay organized. Using bins or totes is a great way to keep things tidy and easy to find.
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Luxury Car Camping Items For Sleeping

1. Pillow

The first luxury car camping item you should add to your car camping packing list is one of my favorite glamping accessories… a pillow! I love bringing my Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight Pillow because it weighs only 2.1 ounces and packs up to the size of a fist. It’s super easy to inflate and will only take you a few breaths. On camping trips when I’m in need of extra comfort, I’ll just grab a pillow off of my bed!

Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight Pillow Camping Pillow

Check Price: Sea to Summit | REI | Backcountry

2. Wearable Sleeping Bag

There’s nothing better than rolling out of the car or tent and not having to leave your warm sleeping bag while doing so! This is why I love bringing my Selk’bag on car camping trips, especially when winter camping. The Original Recycled Selk’Bag is a wearable full body sleeping bag, which makes it perfect for staying warm and cozy while sitting around the campfire making s’mores or going for a walk along the beach. The best part is that it’s made with recycled materials – hooray!

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wearable sleeping bag selk bag

Check Price: Selk’bag | REI

Luxury Car Camping Items For Cooking

3. Camping Table

If you plan on camp cooking, you’ll want to make sure you have the right camp cooking gear. A camp table like the GCI Outdoor Compact Camp Table is necessary for preparing meals and cooking meals. The best part about this camp table is that the table top is heat resistant so you don’t have to worry about melting anything. It’s also super compact so it doesn’t take up much space in the car.

compact camping table

Check Price: GCI Outdoor | REI

4. Cooking Stove

Leave the JetBoil behind and pack a camp cooking stove if you want to take your camping experience to the next level. The Coleman Cascade Classic Camp Stove is a great addition to your luxury car camping gear. It just makes cooking super easy and gives you more options for some amazing outdoor meals.

luxury car camping items camp stove

Check Price: REI

5. Cooking Skillet

Packing a cooking stove means you’ll need to bring some cooking pots and pans. If you’re looking for a cooking skillet to add to your camp cooking equipment, take a look at the MSR Quick Skillet. It’s non-stick, which is perfect for brekkie! It also weights less than 6 ounces, which makes it versatile enough to bring on a backpacking trip too.

camping cooking skillet

Check Price: MSR | REI | Backcountry

6. Water Jug

If you want a true glamping experience then you definitely aren’t trying to filter any water. I like to fill up a GSI Outdoors Folding Water Cube before I leave the house so I have enough water for the entire trip and don’t have to worry about finding a campsite with a good water source. It’s also really helpful to easily wash your hands if you’re camping on your period.

folding camp water jug

Check Price: REI

7. Cooler

When it comes to choosing a camp cooler, you can select a soft cooler like the Igloo Packable Puffer Cooler or a heavy-duty hard cooler like the YETI Roadie 24 Cooler. Both are great options but it really just depends on how long your camping trip is and what the weather is doing to determine how long you need ice to last!

soft cooler for camping

Check Price: REI

yeti hard cooler for luxury car camping items

Check Price: REI | Backcountry

Luxury Car Camping Items For Lounging

8. Camping Chair

If you want to change your idea of outdoor lounging, check out the GCI Outdoor Kickback Rocker. This camping chair is super comfortable and it’s built to create a smooth rocking motion. It even has a beverage holder so you don’t have to go very far for your beer!

camp rocking chair

Check Price: GCI Outdoor | REI

9. Hammock

Nothing says luxury camping than chilling in your hammock with a book or a beer in hand. I’ve had a ENO SingleNest Hammock for a very long time. Nowadays there are plenty of cheaper options for hammocks that’ll provide the same kind of luxury! You can also level it up with a hammock stand, which is useful when there are no trees around.

luxury camping gear and camping tips

Check Price: REI | Backcountry

Luxury Car Camping Accessories

10. Fairy Lights

When it starts to get dark, you’ll need something to illuminate your campsite. I love using the REVEL GEAR Trail Hound 30 ft. Camping Light. It has 350 lumens and gives off so much light. I love hanging it in the car, tent, or around a cabin for great lighting and that extra cozy factor. It does require a USB charger so I make sure to bring along my portable power bank.

Check Price: REI

Answering Your Car Camping Questions

How can I make my camping car more luxurious?

To make car camping more luxurious, add extra bedding, lights, and other comforting items.

What equipment do I need for car camping?

Equipment for car camping includes mattresses, sleeping bag or bedding, and pillow at a minimum,

How do you fit everything in your car when camping?

You can use storage bins and organizers to help fit everything in your car when camping.

Do you need a sleeping bag for car camping?

You either need a sleeping bag or warm bedding for car camping if it gets cold at night.

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