7 Best Ice Cream Shops Near Anchorage

I’m kind of obsessed with ice cream. As an Alaskan, I eat ice cream the same amount of ice cream in the heat of the summer as I do in the middle of a freezing winter.

Alaskans eat the most ice cream per capita out of the entire United States, and I’m happy to be part of that statistic.

Over the years, new ice cream shops have opened in Anchorage, and I think I’ve tried all of them now.

So, if you’re craving some tasty ice cream, here are the best ice cream shops near Anchorage that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Best Ice Cream Shops in Anchorage

1. Wild Scoops

Wild Scoops is the most popular ice cream shop in Anchorage and they have a few locations aroud town, including a scoop shop in Midtown and one in Downtown Anchorage.

Wild Scoops carries adventurous ice cream flavors handcrafted with local Alaskan ingredients – Alaska sea salt, Kobuk donuts, red and black Talkeetna currants, and more. One seasonal flavor to try is the spruce tip ice cream!

Get your scoop in a delicious waffle cone or order a Baked Alaska Cone and they’ll top your scoops with torched homemade marshmallow fluff.

Besides hard-packed ice cream, Wild Scoops also makes other sweat treats. I’m a huge fan of their “chaco tacos,” but they also make ice cream pies, ice cream sandwiches, breakfast bars, and more.

Flavors are always changing so check out their Instagram or Facebook page for the latest scoop.

Locations: Midtown Scoop Shop – 530 E Benson Blvd; Downtown Scoop Shop – 429 E St.; The Cone-tainer – 717 W 3rd Ave, Anchorage

best ice cream anchorage

2. WooHoo! Ice Cream

WhoHoo Ice Cream is a locally-owned shop on Arctic Blvd. The owners pride themselves on using local ingredients and the finest ingredients.

This is one of the best places to visit if you love handmade ice cream because it contains honey and maple syrup instead of sugar. This makes the ice cream taste super creamy and flavorful.

What also sets this ice cream shop in Anchorage apart from the others is the price. The value is amazing and the ice cream portions are so good that a child scoop is comparable to a regular scoop at other shops in town.

WooHoo! makes small batches of ice cream and some of the flavors they offer include:

  • Cookies N Cream
  • Silky Chocolate
  • Maple Butter Pecan
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Strawberry
  • Cinnamon
  • Earl Grey
  • Thai Tea
  • Velvet Thunder
  • Hint O’ Mint

If it’s your first time here, you can ask for an ice cream sample.

Location: 5881 Arctic Boulevard, Anchorage

handmade ice cream anchorage

3. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt specializes in just that, frozen yogurt. It’s a bit different from normal ice cream as it’s just made with cultured milk instead of cream. This also makes it a bit healthier.

Menchie’s is one of the best yogurt shops in town and it’s all self serve. You pick up a bowl and fill it up with your choice of frozen yogurt flavors. They also have a lot of different toppings.

I usually go for a decadent combination but there are plenty of fruit topping options as well. Once you’ve made the perfect froyo mix, you will place your creation on the scale as it’s all sold by weight.

Location: 9000 Lake Otis Pkwy Ste 4, Anchorage

If you happen to enjoy chain restaurants, Anchorage does have a few options.

  • Cold Stone Creamery has multiple locations across town. I love the sweet cream ice cream here!
  • Tastee Freez can be found on the corner of Jewel Lake Rd and Raspberry Rd. It’s been open since 1958. On the menu, you’ll find various food items like burgers, sandwiches, fries, and tater tots. For ice cream, they specialize in soft serve. You can get even get swirl and dipped cones.
  • Local grocery stores are also a great place to pick up a tub of ice cream, especially if you need to do a food shop anyways.

Best Ice Cream Shops Near Anchorage

4. The Ice Cream Shop

Who would’ve thought that one of the best ice cream parlors in Alaska would be found in the same mall as one of Alaska’s busiest gas stations?

I love stopping here on any drive from Anchorage to Seward. It’s the perfect place to stretch your legs and enjoy some good ice cream.

The Ice Cream Shop has over 30 ice cream flavors including a selection of Alaska flavors, Alaska Wildberry, Glacier, Polar Bear, and Fireweed & Honey (my favorite – you must try it).

In the last few years, the ice cream here has gotten pretty expensive. I was shocked to see the current price per scoop. But, I still think the price is worth it for this delicious ice cream.

Location: 36511 Seward Hwy Suite 8, Girdwood

best ice cream shop near anchorage

5. Little Miller’s Ice Cream

All I can say is flavor burst! If you’re looking for soft-serve ice cream then Little Miller’s Ice Cream is the place.

Swirl in a flavor of mango, pistachio, blue goo, pineapple, and more. Or stick with the classic chocolate and vanilla swirl.

There are three locations in Wasilla. When I’m driving through Wasilla, I typically stop at their drive-through location in the middle of a parking lot on the Parks Highway.

If you’re also looking for a bite to eat then stop by their café location.

Locations: 1235 W. Parks Hwy; 1700 N. Lucille St.; 4975 E. Bogard Rd., Wasilla

best soft serve ice cream anchorage

6. Twin Peaks Treats

Have you ever been asked to smell a fresh scoop of blueberry ice cream? Welcome to Twin Peaks Treats (formerly Rochelle’s Ice Cream Shop) a place where you can smell the blueberry in the blueberry ice cream.

All ice cream is made locally, and they even make their own vanilla and chocolate waffle cones. There is big talk about their fireweed and honey ice cream but my taste buds prefer the one found in Girdwood.

Twin Peaks Treats is only open in the summer so go ahead and reward yourself after a long day of hiking Twin Peaks or biking Eklutna Lakeside Trail.

Location: 37501 Eklutna Lake Rd, Chugiak

Rochelle's Ice Cream Eklutna

7. Shirley’s Northern Lights Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream

Talkeetna is one of Alaska’s weirdest and quirkiest towns, which is why Shirley’s Northern Lights Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream is so fitting.

No matter where you are, there is nothing better than homemade ice cream. Shirley’s is located in the heart of Talkeetna.

Get a scoop of fireweed, Alaskan blueberry, or raspberry truffle and head out for a walk along the river.

If you want something to top it off, stop by Talkeetna Spinach Bread for the most mouth-watering, cheesy spinach bread in all the lands. It’s worth every single carb.

Location: East Main Street and Talkeetna Spur Rd, Talkeetna

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The Ice Cream Shop
Little Millers Ice Cream Goo Apple
Little Miller’s Ice Cream
Wild Scoops Best Ice Cream Shops Near Anchorage
Wild Scoops

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