5 Best Ice Cream Shops Near Anchorage

Floating down the Fraser River in Alberta, Canada, I turned to our rafting guide and asked him where the best ice cream in Jasper was. With a quizzical look on his face, he told me, “Grandma’s.”

It didn’t even phase me how crazy this question might be to some people after more than an hour of icy cold water splashing all over us.

“Did you know Alaskans eat the most ice cream per capita of any state?” I told him this statistic that you’ll hear repeated all over Alaska.

I’m obsessed with ice cream and I’m guessing you are, too. So, if you’re part of this statistic, scoop out the best ice cream shops near Anchorage.

5 Best Ice Cream Shops Near Anchorage

1. Wild Scoops

This popular ice cream shop is located in Downtown Anchorage. Wild Scoops carries adventurous ice cream flavors handcrafted with local Alaskan ingredients – Alaska sea salt, Kobuk donuts, red and black Talkeetna currants, and more. Get your scoop in a delicious waffle cone or order a Baked Alaska Cone and they’ll top your scoops with torched homemade marshmallow fluff. Visit their test kitchen on Thursdays from 4-6:30 p.m. to see where all of the magic happens and try samples! Flavors are always changing so check out their Facebook page for the latest scoop.

Wild Scoops Best Ice Cream Shops Near Anchorage
Wild Scoops

2. The Ice Cream Shop

Who would’ve thought that the best ice cream in Alaska would be found in the same mall as one of Alaska’s busiest gas stations? The Ice Cream Shop has over 30 ice cream flavors including a selection of Alaska flavors, Alaska Wildberry, Glacier, Polar Bear, and Fireweed & Honey (my favorite – you must try it). Watch out because getting in and out of the parking lot during a nice summer day can be a nightmare.

fireweed honey ice cream the ice cream shop girdwood
The Ice Cream Shop

3. Little Miller’s Ice Cream

All I can say is flavor burst! If you’re looking for soft-serve ice cream then Little Miller’s Ice Cream is the place. Swirl in a flavor of mango, pistachio, blue goo, pineapple, and more. Or stick with the classic chocolate and vanilla swirl. There are two locations in Wasilla. If you’re also looking for a bite to eat then stop by their café location.

Little Millers Ice Cream Goo Apple
Little Miller’s Ice Cream

4. Rochelle’s Ice Cream Shop

Have you ever been asked to smell a fresh scoop of blueberry ice cream? Welcome to Rochelle’s Ice Cream Shop a place where you can actually smell the blueberry in the blueberry ice cream. All ice cream is made locally, and they even make their own vanilla and chocolate waffle cones. There is big talk about their fireweed and honey ice cream but my taste buds prefer the one found in Girdwood. Rochelle’s is only open in the summer so go ahead and reward yourself after a long day of hiking Twin Peaks or biking Eklutna Lakeside Trail.

Rochelle's Ice Cream Eklutna
Rochelle’s Ice Cream Shop

5. Shirley’s Northern Lights Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream

Talkeetna is one of Alaska’s weirdest and quirkiest towns, which is why Shirley’s Northern Lights Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream is so fitting. No matter where you are, there is nothing better than homemade ice cream. Shirley’s is located in the heart of Talkeetna. Get a scoop of fireweed, Alaskan blueberry, or raspberry truffle and head out for a walk along the river. If you want something to top it off, stop by Talkeetna Spinach Bread for the most mouth-watering, cheesy spinach bread in all the lands. It’s worth every single carb.

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Did I miss one of your favorites ice cream shops near Anchorage? Tell me in the comments.

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9 months ago

You should try WooHoo! Ice cream.

Andrea Kuuipo
9 months ago
Reply to  Peter

I have tried WooHoo and I like it! It’s actually one of my friends favorites. Yum!