Hosting Sierra Designs #ToastsOnTrail on The Butte

Last summer, Sierra Designs kicked off a new event called Toasts On Trail that encouraged people to get out on the trail.

As a Sierra Designs Ambassador, I ended up hosting one of these events on top of “The Butte” in Palmer.

Locally known as “The Butte”, Bodenburg Butte is a short and sweet hike near Palmer that offers some incredible 360-degree-views of the surrounding Mat-Su Valley. You can see Pioneer Peak, Twin Peaks, Lazy Mountain, and the Knik Glacier from the top.

It’s easy to see why I chose this location, right?

Hiking The Butte

We hiked to the top of The Butte from the Sandvik Family Trail. This is the old trail up The Butte, and it’s just under 2 miles roundtrip. I’ve taken this route ever since I hiked this trail for the first time in 2013.

My friend and I loaded up our backpacks with the tent, banner, swag, canned bevies, water, camp chairs and even some ice (it was a HOT day!).

After climbing nearly 750 feet, we reached the summit of Bodenburg Butte (881 feet). It took about 45 minutes.

Trailside Happy Hour

After reaching the sunmit, I had to set up the Sierra Designs High Side tent and attach the event banner to it.

The only thing about The Butte is that it’s sandy and it gets really dusty.. and it was windy that day, which was great for the breeze but terrible for keeping the sand off of everything.

sierra designs toast on trail alaska

I set up all of the free swag, including the Sierra Designs Animas Pillow, totes, canned hard seltzer from New Belgium Brewing, and canned IPA’s from Epic Brewing (both Colorado brands).

sierra designs ambassador alaska
sierra designs partnership andrea kuuipo

There were a lot of people on the summit already so the the swag and bevies didn’t last long! And, neither did the pack of ice!

I really enjoyed hosting Toasts On Trail with Sierra Designs and I think it was a great event to support the local hiking community in Alaska. A lot of people who hiked up for the trailside happy hour gave a lot of positive feedback and were in full support of another event.

My hope is that other outdoor brands from out of state will start to get involved in the local Alaskan community, and the fact is, we’re here for it!

Interested in hosting an outdoor event together? Contact me here.

Thank you to everyone that came to this hiking event and shared photos. It was awesome to connect.

Happy hiking!

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As a Sierra Designs Ambassador, I hosted a trailside happy hour in Alaska on top of a mountain summit. I love being an ambassador for an outdoor brand and had a lot of fun on this partnership.

Do you have any questions about being a Sierra Designs ambassador? Let me know in the comments.

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